Our aim is to deliver a fantastic service to you where we clearly listen to your problem and then treat it using holistic, hands-one therapy. We want to put the hyper in your performance whether you are an elite athlete or someone who just wants to perform better (or pain free) in their daily life.


      Dry Needling / Acupuncture

      Dry needling is derived from the principles of eastern medicine and acupuncture and the latest clinical research. Physiotherapists use dry needles as a safe and effective means of precisely targeting muscle trigger points (muscle knots) to more effectively relieve muscle spasm, aches and pains. The sterile needles are very thin and many of our patients don’t even realize when they penetrate the skin. You will feel the benefits both immediately and in the long term.

      Pelvic Health - Women and Men

      Continence and pelvic floor physiotherapy is a highly specialised field of physiotherapy.  For women, it focuses on the treatment of pelvic floor related disorders like bladder/bowel incontinence and prolapse by restoring muscle function to the pelvic floor. For men it can have an extremely positive impact when prostate issues arise, and can dramatically improve and speed up recovery post prostate surgery.

      Physio Supervised Training and Classes

      We offer both individual and group classes for:
      • Clinical Pilates
      • Falls and Balance Program
      • Pre and Post Natal Classes
      • General Strength and Training
      • Postural Enhancement 
      • Back Care & Strengthening

      Clinical Pilates

      We offer both individual and group clinical pilates classes taught by a qualified physiotherapist who is trained and accredited in running pilates programs.

      Braces & Casting

      Our trained physiotherapists will either fit you with a brace or alternatively cast your limb following injury or fracture.  We can also refer you for any x-rays or other imaging required as necessary which is available on site.

      Work Cover

      We are registered to provide treatment to work cover clients and work closely with the doctors on site,the insurance company, the employer and any involvement from work related site assessors to deliver an outcome which benefits both yourself and the employer.

      Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation

      We have a number of established links with some specialists and surgeons, and will work in conjunction with them to create a program to assist your recovery from surgery or in preparation for upcoming surgery (known as prehabilitation).

      Falls Prevention Program

      Our Falls Prevention Program is designed to give you the strength and balance to correct any weakness that could lead to a fall causing injury. The program we offer has been developed to assist you in feeling confident to perform your day to day activities without the hassle of needing to worry about the risk of falling.

      Dizziness & Positional Vertigo

      Our physiotherapists can treat your dizziness using a number of techniques depending on the cause.  These techniques can include muscular releases, positioning manoeuvres, acupuncture and functional retraining exercises to prevent vertigo symptoms recurring and limiting your day to day functional ability.

      Remedial Massage

      A massage provided by one of our physiotherapists will improve your aches and pains whether they are caused by injury, sport or just the stress and strain of everyday life.

      Home Visits

      If you are unable to make it to the practice we can arrange for a home visit and provide the treatment in your home.  Please call us to find out what we can offer you in your home.
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      We are inside the Gateway Medical Centre


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      Monday to Friday: 7am to 7pm

      Saturday: 9am to 12pm


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